Stylo offers complete printing solutions through our in depth services and an in-house dedicated printing team. Constant calibration of the press ensures the colors rendered from the press conform to ISO standards consistently. Stylo has invested in the latest technology so your job runs smoothly. We have superior, customer friendly pre press production staff supported by the latest in computer software and tools. We can even assist you with print related graphic enhancement services from start-to-finish to make your life easy! Stylo provides unique, premium packaging and custom solutions with colors and textures that inspire visually and create a tactile connection — delivering on your brand’s promise.

Complete printing solutions

Delivering on your brand’s promise

Graphic enhancement services

Custom solutions with colors and textures


Stylo is offering print enhancement by covering the entire range of gravure printing like water based, UV, conventional gravure and functional inks for the luxury printing industry in the field of pharmacy and FMCG Products. All kinds of high lustre metallic printing along with pearl and special inks; functional inks and varnishes ( rubber finish ); Brilliant halftone gradations and very smooth vignettes – along with exceptional metallic-gloss will result in eye-catching products which is differentiated from the clutter in the market . Printing medium from paper / board to Synthetics – the complete range will be covered.

High lustre metallic printing

Eye-catching products

The complete range

Very smooth vignettes


We can do printing on any substrate like coated, uncoated, FSE Certified media as well as Synthetic substrate like PVC, PET, TESLIN and PC. Moreover we can also do Digital embossing. It’s a new digital printing technology, designed to revolutionize the enhancement process in the printing industry. Digital embossing eliminates the need for printing plates, molds, chemicals and solvents, emitting no pollutants or waste and reduces overall energy use. The high resolution inkjet technology enables selective coating with variable thickness and stamp-less embossing. Digital embossing allows for on-demand printing of as few as one item to thousands of copies. This amazing imaging technique is applied using an inkjet technology that accentuates images as a clear spot color on pre-printed sheets. The effects are phenomenal and are ideal for simulating blind embossing, creating Braille text or simply generating unique images for impressive tactile designs.With top Thermal Lamination with different effects – the sky is the limit for one off prints or very short run jobs .

Enhancement process in the printing industry

Simply generating unique images

Images as a clear spot color

The sky is the limit for one off prints


Delivering on your brand’s promise.